Approved Projects

The 3rd Joint Monitoring Committee approved 37 projects for funding on March 31, 2017. Three projects of the Reserve list were approved for funding  later. All 40  Subsidy Contracts are signed.

Download the List of Operations (xls. format): Last Update Jan 18 ,2021


Acronym Title Lead Partner
3Em Evaluating Energy Efficiency Measurements Municipality of Valandovo
aGROWchain Agrowaste supply chains for sustainable growth Municipal District Heating Company of the Wider Region of Amyntaio (DETEPA)
AQUA-M II Sustainable management of cross-border water resources Municipality of Gevgelija
BENEFIT Building ENergy Efficiency ImprovemenT: Demonstration for public buildings Ministry of Interior (sector Macedonia and Thrace)
BIOREAL New Environmental Bio-Reality Municipality of Thermaikos
CINECULTURE Interactive and virtual presentation of cultural heritage & cinema Municipality of Edessa
COMBINE2PROTECT Common plans for biodiversity conservation and sustainable targets for the development of a bilateral network of protected areas Centre for development of the South-East planning region
COMETECH COntinuity of care in MEtabolic diseases through modern TECHhnology Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki - Department of Nursing
CONNECT Museums Connecting Cultures Connecting People Municipality of Volvi
Conse-pp Improving the conservation of the priority plants in the cross border area Institute of Plant Breeding and Genetic Resources, Hellenic Agricultural Organization
Cross4all Cross-border initiative for integrated health and social services promoting safe ageing, early prevention and independent living for all Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Special Account for Research Funds- Department of Medicine
EMPLOYOUTH Creating employment opportunities of young graduates in the CB area Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serres
Enpol-EE Energy Efficiency in the cross border area as an indicative factor for environmental policy Municipality of Pella
Green Inter-e-Mobility Integration of Green Transport in Cities University of Western Macedonia - Special Account for Research Funds
HEALTH-INFO Unified information system for exchanging information between primary health units in the cross-border area for emergency health cases National Organization for Health Care Services Provision
HealthNET Primary Healthcare Network Municipality of Irakleia
Heart Safe Cities Cross Border Heart Safe Cities 4th Regional Health Directorate of Macedonia – Thrace
HELP Integrated Operations Center for Providing Humanitarian Assistance Technological Educational Institution of Central Macedonia, Dept of Mechanical Engineering [TEICM]
HOLY WATER Enhancing the cultural touristic product of the cross-border area of Prespes through the promotion of the natural and cultural heritage Municipality of Prespes
I-TOUR Increasing Tourism Opportunities through Utilization of Resources Center for Development of Pelagonia Region
IBiSEAit Increase Innovative Business in Sea, Environment & Agriculture and IT Greek Association of IT, Telecom Applications and New Technologies Companies
iCBA Intelligent Cross-Border Accelerator for Innovative ICT-enabled start-ups Alexander Innovation Zone S.A.
In4Child Psycho-social and health Interventions for the wellbeing of children from vulnerable populations ARSIS - Association for the Social Support of Youth
IpA Shield II Joint Actions for the protection and improvement of public health in the Cross- Border Area General Hospital of Kilkis
J-CROSS Joint Cross Border Cooperation for Securing Societies Against Natural and Man Made Disasters Region of Western Macedonia
LESS-WASTE-II Development of an Action Plan for the Management of Bio-wastes at the Cross-Border Region Waste Management of Western Macedonia DIADYMA S.A.
PAPESHE Protection of Autochthonous populations of Pelagonia SHEep breed in the cross-border area Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Special Account for Research Funds - Department of Veterinary Medicine
Plan D.oiran Integrated sustainable management system of Doirani Lake ecosystem Region of Central Macedonia
Quality Health Improving Quality and Accessibility of Health Care and Social services Centers in Cross-Border Regions General Hospital of Pella (Hospital Unit of Edessa and Hospital Unit of Giannitsa)
SmartWaterSave A real time monitoring and leakage detection and reduction system in water distribution networks Municipality of Prespes
STRASS Safe Cross-Border Transportation of Hazardous Materials: Orphan Radioactive Sources Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki-Department of Automation Engineering
SumBio Sustainable management and treatment of Bio Wastes by using Bio fuel production methods Municipality of Lagadas
SYMBIOSIS Symbiotic Networks of Bio-Waste Sustainable Management Public Enterprise KOMUNALEC Bitola
TERRA VINO Oenotouristic cross-border capacity building: A transition from promoting wine production to oenotourism experience Greek-Italian Chamber of Commerce of Thessaloniki
ToCulter Promote tourism and Culture through the water Regional Development Fund of Central Macedonia
TRAP Transboundary Air Pollution Health Index Development and Implementation Environmental Centre of Western Macedonia
wa-mbrella Protection of the water resources by reducing the human environmental footprint Municipality of Almopia
WE CARE Health care for children with Cardio and Respiratory sensitivity in the Cross Border area Organisation of Culture, Sport and Environment (O.C.S.E.) of the Municipality of Volvi
We Cross Borders Greece and Republic of North Macedonia border infrastructure development Decentralised Administration of Macedonia & Thrace
ZEFFIROS Zero-waste-energy-efficient agricultural communities in the Greece- Republic of North Macedonia crossborder area Municipality of Serres
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