Ministry of Interior (sector Macedonia and Thrace)



Ministry of Interior (Sector Macedonia and Thrace) represents the governmental policy in Northern Greece. Τhe Ministry has an active role in the implementation of the Development Policy Law for the region of Northern Greece, the industrial control of the market, the issuance of licenses of the Listed for protection buildings and preserved traditional areas. Ministry has adopted political extroversion in order to  promote the comparative advantages of the wider area, to promote cooperation with European and international organizations, to develop cooperation regions abroad, to create relationships with foreign counterparts in common interest areas and finally to exploit European funds by participating in European and cross border programs (INTERREG). The Ministry has a very well structured Organization with a separate Department managing the European Programs.

The Ministry has already completed successfully 2 Projects in the European Territorial Cooperation Program "Greece - Bulgaria" 2007-2013 with the abbreviation "TRIGGER" as Lead Partner and "Smart Specialization" as Partner and a project for the environmental protection of Thermaikos gulf (eea grands). Moreover is financing body in a EU Co-Funded project concerning the preservation of religious heritage(digitalization - Mount Athos). Currently the Ministry is the Lead Partner to the project BENEFIT and a Partner to the project HELP and TERRA VINO in the Greece-FYROM 2014-2020 program and a partner to the BORDERLESS CULTURE project in the Greece-Bulgaria 2014-2020 program.

Projects involved as Lead-partner


Projects involved as partner



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