Centre for Research & Technology Hellas- Institute of Applied Biosciences

Address https://www.inab.certh.gr/


The Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), the largest Research Centre in Northern Greece, was founded in March 2000. CERTH is a non-profit organization that directly reports to the General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT) of the Greek Ministry of Development. CERTH is committed to conducting excellent fundamental and applied research with emphasis on the development of novel products and services of industrial, economic and social importance in the following fields: a) Chemical and Biochemical Processes and Advanced Functional Materials, b) Informatics and Telecommunications, c) Land, Sea and Air Transportation, d) Agrobiotechnology and Food Engineering, e) Environmental Friendly Technologies for Solid Fuels and Alternative Energy Sources and f) Biomedical Informatics, Biomedical Engineering, Biomolecular Medicine and Pharmacogenetics. International collaborations of the Institute INEB holds strong collaborations with the Greek University community and Research Institutes either in Greece or International. The Institute also attracts a great amount of founding from EU and/or national projects or the private sector.

The Institute of Applied Biosciences (INAB) was founded in 2000 as a member of CERTH, Main mission of INAB was to promote basic and applied research in the fields of genetics, genomics and biotechnology for economic and sustainable development of the country. INAB showed a continuous increase in research activity that today occupies a leading and pioneering position in the field of biotechnology and Agrobiotechnology in Greece with special emphasis on the development and implementation of applied genomics and molecular biotechnology to produce significant improvement and crop production improved seeds and generally finding solutions to important problems of agriculture and life sciences in general. The Institute is an established center of excellence in cognitive areas of genomics, producing substances with high added value, improves plants or animals, bioequivalence, pharmacogenetics, biomedical engineering and informatics, and molecular medicine. In addition, INEB is a center of excellence after an evaluation of the research institutes of the Greek Ministry of Development.

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