National Organization for Health Care Services Provision



EOPYY (National Organization for Health Care Services Provision) is a National Organization of Greece, whose main purpose is the purchase of health services for its insured, pensioners and their dependent members.

EOPYY’s main objectives include:
- The establishment of rules for design, quality, development, evaluation, safety and efficiency of the health services market, managing and controlling funding  
- The establishment of criteria and contract terms for the purchase of health services with institutions of public and private sector as well as affiliated doctors
- The negotiation with all affiliated providers of their remuneration, their contract terms with EOPYY

EOPYY - since its establishment in 2012 - has incorporated the vast majority of Greek social security funds’ health sector. EOPYY’ s  insured base includes approximately 10.000.000 insurees, depicting the bargaining power it possesses in the local market of Health Services, being the dominant player. EOPYY insurees, from whichever fund they come from, equally enjoy the services provided by the Agency in accordance with EOPYY’s Unified Health Benefit Regulation.

Projects involved as Lead-partner


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