Interreg IPA CBC Programme Greece- North Macedonia 2021-2027

Members with voting right of the Programming Committee

Members with voting right of the Monitoring Committee

June 26, 2020:
 Call for tenders via Registry of Service Providers for the Consultant of the new Programme 2021-2027

July 13, 20201st Programming Committee meeting 2021-2027

Dec. 3 - Dec.14,2020: 1st written procedure on the approval of the [Deliverable 1: ‘METHODOLOGY’] of the “Consultant for the Drafting of the new IPA CBC Programme"

Jan, 12 - Feb, 12 2021: Public consultation on the 2021-2027 Programme

February 21, 2022: Consultation of the IPA bilateral Cooperation Programme 2021-2027

May 31, 2021: 2nd Programming Committee meeting 2021-2027

Aug. 6, 2021: Call for Expression of Interest for a Strategic Environmental Assessment of ETC Programmes 2021-2027

February 21, 2022: Consultation of the IPA bilateral Cooperation Programme 2021-2027
March 3, 2022: Strategic Environmental Assessment of the IPA bilateral Cooperation Programme 2021-2027 between Greece and  North Macedonia

March 28, 2022: 3rd Programming Committee meeting 2021-2027

March 29, 2022: Ανακοίνωση δημοσιοποίησης ΣΜΠΕ

July 25 - Aug. 1, 2022: 2nd written procedure of the Programming Committee for the approval of the 2021-2027 Programme documents and their timely submission to the EC

Nov. 23, 2022: With the  Commission Implementing Decision C(2022) 8646/ 23.11.2022, the (Interreg VI-A) IPA CBC Greece-North Macedonia for the period 2021-2027 has been approved.

Feb.3, 2023: 1st Monitoring Committee meeting in Thessaloniki

Mar. 31 - Apr.10, 2023: 1st MC written procedure on the Project Selection Methodology and Selection Criteria of the Interreg VI-A IPA III CBC Greece-North Macedonia 2021-2027 Programme

April 25, 2023: 2nd Monitoring Committee meeting (online)
Programme Interreg Europe 2021-2027
Public Consultation for Planning the New Programme (date of publication: 15/04/2021)
2021-2027 Interreg Regulations

Interreg Regulation
The Interreg regulation is Regulation 2021/1059, and includes a template for Interreg programmes as an Appendix. It sets out the core features of Interreg in the 2021-2027 period.

ERDF and Cohesion Regulation
The regulation on European Regional Development Fund and on the Cohesion Fund sets out the policy objectives and more for Regional Policy. It is Regulation 2021/1058.

CPR Regulation
The Common Provisions Regulation sets out the shared requirements for EU funded programmes under the different funds. It is Regulation 2021/1060.
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