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The Municipality of Serres is a Local Self Government Organization of first degree, which is responsible for providing first order administration in the area. It is a fully competent and developed organization, which has been offering its services to the citizens since 1913 and according to its Internal Operating Regulation consists of one (1) General Division, seven (7) specialized Divisions and three (3) independent Departments. The Municipality's tasks are also supported by several municipal Legal Entities under private and public law. Concerning the total municipal staff, it amounts to 344 employees.
According to “Kallikratis Program” (a major administrative reform in Greece/Greek Law 3852/2010),  the Municipality of Serres is recommended, based in Serres, consisting of the following municipalities that were abolished, such as: Serres, Kapetan Mitrousi, Lefkonas, Skoutari and the local communities: Ano Vrontou and Oreini. Its main priority axes of actions are summarized in:
- Environment and Quality of Life
- Social Politics, Health, Education, Culture, Athletics
- Local Economy and Employment
- Improvement of administrative capacity & economic situation
The Municipality of Serres has significant experience in the implementation of projects co-financed by the European Union. Specifically, it has been implementing projects in the framework of the following programs: Regional Operational Programme of Central Macedonia,  European Territorial Cooperation Programmes (GREECE-BULGARIA, GREECE-FYROM), Community Initiatives (URBACT, LIFE+, Europe for Citizens etc.), Operational Programmes. 
In the context of wider cooperation with relevant organizations in foreign countries, the Municipality of Serres has developed town-twinning relationships with other cities/municipalities with the aim of promoting cultural, economic and social relationships between them, such as: Fosses (France), Veliko Turnono (Bulgaria), Petrich (Bulgaria), NIS (Serbia), Ayia Napa (Cyprus).

Projects involved as Lead-partner


1) Bike cities

Projects involved as partner

1) 3Em

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