Integrated sustainable management system of Doirani Lake ecosystem

Acronym Plan D.oiran
Priority axis Protection of Environment – Transportation
Specific Objective Sustainable management of protected areas, ecosystems and biodiversity
Call 1st Call for Project Proposals
Start date Oct. 1, 2018
Lead Partner Region of Central Macedonia
Partners Municipality of Kilkis
Municipality of Dojran
Budget 1.397.152,60 €
The overarching strategic objective of the project is to establish a permanent, common mechanism in the sustainable management and development framework based also on environmental and socio-economic axes in the border region.
The main target groups of the project are the project partners, the residents of the common border area and the wider region, farmers and entrepreneurs (existing and potential), every citizen and the next generations. 
The main expected outcomes of the project are:
1. Creating relevant conditions and a structured and sustainable protection and sustainable management framework of the ecosystem of the cross border area
2. Improving the skills and capacity of the 2 countries’ authorities and stakeholders in order to work together and implement specific strategies and sustainable development policies through the elaboration of our common lake management system
3. Creating and fostering opportunity environment for the citizens of the two countries through specific strategies and sustainable development policies 
4. Improving the awareness and knowledge of the target groups in environmentally friendly conscience issues and practices
5. Improving ecosystem quality and living conditions of the endangered flora and fauna species of the ecosystem
6. The fulfillment of the basic obligations of the two countries as a result of the current European and international legislation and agreements governing the region.


Project leaflet (EN/EL)
3fold leaflet (EL)
Poster (EN/EL)
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