Evaluating Energy Efficiency Measurements

Acronym 3Em
Website https://3em.eu
Priority axis Protection of Environment – Transportation
Specific Objective Upgrade public infrastructure to improve road travel time, safe border crossing and promote energy efficiency towards green transport
Call 1st Call for Project Proposals
Start date June 22, 2018
Lead Partner Municipality of Valandovo
Partners Municipality of Serres
Municipality of Radovis
Music Conservatory of the Region of Western Macedonia
Centre for Research & Technology Hellas - Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute
Budget 1.432.375,80 €
The overall objective of the project is implementation of energy efficiency measures in the public buildings run by the local government units in the border region 
The expected project outputs are the following;
- Energy efficiency interventions in  the Kindergarten in the Municipality of Valandovo 
- Energy efficiency interventions in Provatas Lyceum in the Municipality of Serres
- Energy efficiency interventions in the Primary school in Radovish
- Energy efficiency interventions in the Music school in the Municipality of Serres
- More than 300 children and 100 employees will benefit from interventions of the public buildings, through cost savings
- SEAP for Municipality of Valandovo elaborated
- Greenhouse emissions inventory for Valandovo prepared
- 2 Assessments of current status on energy efficiency of public buildings elaborated (one in each country)
- 5 two day trainings delivered for municipality administration, employees in the education sector and kindergarden, professionals and pre-school children;      
- 30 children up to 18 years will attend a summer camp for awareness raising about energy efficiency and renewable energies, by applying particpatory techniques, games and exercises
- 1 E-learning platform created


Communication Plan
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