Prespa Lake Area border guard station: Preparatory activities for the establishment of the border crossing point between Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia at the Prespa Lake Area

Acronym BorPres
Priority axis Protection of Environment – Transportation
Specific Objective Upgrade public infrastructure to improve road travel time, safe border crossing and promote energy efficiency towards green transport
Call 3rd Call for Strategic Project Proposal
Start date April 7, 2022
Lead Partner Region of Western Macedonia
Partners ANKO Western Macedonia S.A. Organisation for Local Development
Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Interior (sector Macedonia and Thrace)
Budget 690.000,00 €
The project is the first stage of an integrated planning for the opening of the border crossing point in Prespes. It regards the maturation of the studies needed for the implementation of the border projects that will be proposed during the next programming period 2021-2027. The maturation of the studies and the implementation of the proposed works during the next programming period will solve a long time problem of travelling and communication between the two countries in the area of Prespes.

Thus, the outputs for Greece concern topographic works, supporting studies (geotechnical study, hydrological study for stream definition, stream delimitation study, study of technical works of stream) studies of buildings and shelters at the border crossing, environmental spatial studies and environmental licensing. The surface covered by the improved cross-border road and infrastructure will be 555,00 m2.

The outputs for the Republic of North Macedonia concern preparatory activities for reconstruction/renovation of the State border security police station at Markova Noga, where the future border crossing point will be established. These activities are analysis of the current condition, survey and needs assessment of reconstruction/renovation works that need to be undertaken for supply of equipment, design/re-design/drawing of the structural/architectural parts of the construction, design of the installations (electrical, mechanical, sewerage/water supply, thermal installation and installation of photovoltaic panels).

In parallel, communication and dissemination activities will be implemented including the studies of the Prespes Destination Branding and the Management Plan for touristic flows.

The project has a strong cross-border character, as with the joint participation of partners from Greece and the Republic of North Macedonia in the project, the architectural proposals of the two countries will converge with each other and as a result the interventions will be harmonized with each other in harmony with the natural landscape (Prespa Cross-Border Park).

The project also aims to contribute to the common tourism development of the region and the Prespa Trans-Border Park as a whole. Additionally to the technical studies, the project also includes a) the elaboration of a management plan of tourist development of the CB area ( PB2) with emphasis on the environmental viable development of the area (2 workshops one in each country foreseen) and b)the elaboration of Prespes Destination Branding (LP).

The two regions on both sides of the border will increase their cooperation in a wider programming framework, namely the implementation of common projects in the field of rational exploitation of natural resources and the sustainable tourism.
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