Environmental Centre of Western Macedonia

Address www.kepekozani.gr


E-mail info@kepekozani.gr; research-studies@kepekozani.gr
ENVIRONMENTAL CENTRE (KE.ΠΕ) was established by the 151/1997 Prefecture Council decision of Kozani Prefecture (FEK B’ 179/25-2-1998), and it came into operation in August of 1999.

Today ENVIRONMENTAL CENTRE operates as a Regional Enterprise of Western Macedonia Region. As a Regional Enterprise is the Strategic Consultant of the Regional Government of Western Macedonia regarding environmental issues and sustainable development policies.

ENVIRONMENTAL CENTRE is certified with ISO 9001:2001, with ISO 17025 for operating water quality laboratory. Furthermore, is operating an air quality laboratory consisted from 14 air quality monitoring stations (4 self owned and 10 owned by others but managed by Environmental Centre with agreements) providing real-time online measurements and information through its website. 

ENVIRONMENTAL CENTRE’s scope is the enhancement of the environmental quality in the Region of Western Macedonia, by means of:
- Controlling and monitoring environmental quality
- Elaborating environmental research projects and studies
- Expertise provision in environmental issues
- Environmental data dissemination and partnership development
- Enforcing public awareness and safety

Projects involved as Lead-partner


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