Municipality of Edessa



Edessa is a city in northern Greece and the capital of the Pella regional unit, in the Central Macedonia region of Greece. It was also the capital of the defunct province of the same name. The municipality has an area of 611.212 km2 while the total population is 29.799. Edessa was one of Greece's industrial centres until the middle of the 20th century, with many textile factories operating in the city and its immediate vicinity. Today however its economy mainly relies on services and tourism. The Municipality of Edessa at the same time with working out the developmental and economic-technical studies of appointment natural, historical, cultural and tourist poles, seeks the best practice for the sustainable developing of urban tourism. The Municipality of Edessa has a large experience in implementing co-funded projects, and it holds a Certification of Administrative Capacity regarding project planning and implementation.

Projects involved as Lead-partner


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