Technological Educational Institution of Central Macedonia, Dept of Mechanical Engineering [TEICM]



The Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia (TEICM) is a new, dynamic and rapidly developing Institute, located in Serres, Central Macedonia, Greece, stretching over an area of 82,000 m2. TEICM offers a variety of study programmes that are organized in three faculties and eight Departments. It has had rapid development in the recent years due to its high quality academic and research staff and the excellence of its programs and educational processes. Nowadays it has approximately 400 members of teaching/research staff and 14,000 active undergraduate and postgraduate students, with 2,000 new enrolments of students every year. TEICM promotes the notion of a research-driven university, with a long record of implemented research projects. It has also a significant record of internationalization initiatives and a large number of cooperation agreements with industries, international organisations, research centers and higher education institutions in the EU and internationally.

Within the framework of the HELP 2014-2020 project, TEICM is the Lead Beneficiary. Based on its staff interdisciplinary experience and background, TEICM will work towards improving the strategic and operational efficiency of public administration and public services in managing natural disasters within the wider Greece-The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia cross-border area, through the provision of an integrated solution for the technical support and management of post-disaster humanitarian “on-site” relief operations and logistics. Apart from leading the project, TEICM is responsible for the design, development, testing and validation of the 3 prototype containers, namely 2 interconnected “Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence Centers (C4I)” and 1 on-site medical treatment facility (MED). The proposed containers cluster along with the associated crisis management plan will provide the necessary technical infrastructure and equipment and the appropriate implementation platform so as to hedge the wider area against natural disaster relief, in terms of enhancing pre-disaster preparedness, mitigating the corresponding post-disaster impacts in the aftermath of a disaster, and increasing the managerial effectiveness and efficiency.

Projects involved as Lead-partner


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