Sustainable management of cross-border water resources

Acronym AQUA-M II
Priority axis Protection of Environment – Transportation
Specific Objective Sustainable management of protected areas, ecosystems and biodiversity
Call 1st Call for Project Proposals
Start date April 2, 2018
Lead Partner Municipality of Gevgelija
Partners Public Communal Enterprise of Gevgelija
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Special Account for Research Funds - Department of Chemistry
Municipal Enterprise for Water Supply and Sewerage of Paionia
Municipal Enterprise for Water Supply and Sewerage of Xalkidona
Budget 1.448.329,82 €
The AQUA-M II Project idea was formulated by the common understanding of all Partners, of the environmental problems that Axios – Vardar River is facing. 
Axios/Vardar River represents one of the main aquatic resources of the cross-border area of Greece – The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Therefore, the protection and preservation of the quality of the water stands as an issue of central importance in the framework of cross-border cooperation. The river’s water plays a vital role for all human activities taking place in the area, including the ones with major economic importance, such as agriculture, extractive activities and industry. As a result, the river’s aquatic environment is being increasingly pressured while the water quality is under threat by the irresponsible use and the disposal of agricultural, municipal and industrial waste. At the same time, the effective management of aquatic resources involves increased operational and functional costs for the local authorities, while it is practically impossible to be achieved without joint action among the responsible stakeholders from both sides of the border.
Its  main objective are the effective and continuous monitoring of the water quality  management  of Axios River through the application of joint monitoring and management systems and the strengthening of cooperation among responsible stakeholders and authorities. Specifically, the project aims to:
- Improve the river’s water quality.
- Establish  a permanent technological network for the 24/7 monitoring of specific water quality parameters
- Establish an operational cooperation network for the prevention, protection and immediate action in case of emergency and potential threats among local authorities of the cross-border area and scientific experts.
- To improve cooperation among public and private stakeholders as well as the society  and the local population of the cross-border area for the protection of the river.

Furthermore, the specific project has also some also important sub-objectives such as:
- To sensitize all stakeholders towards the environmental hazards of the River
- To enforce a fine system regulating environmental pollution at institutional and individual level.
- To leverage on the official commitment of both countries to implement environmental actions for the common cross-border area benefit.
- To equip both sides with the necessary equipment in order to operate and maintain the network in the future.
- To develop  joint luquid waste management plans and systems as well as the co-ordination and joint training of natural hazards response mechanisms.


Project results' video
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