Early Fire Detection And Ranging for disaster prevention and management

Acronym eFIDAR
Website Not implemented yet
Priority axis Protection of Environment – Transportation
Specific Objective Prevention, mitigation and management of natural disasters, risks and hazards
Call 2nd Call for Project Proposals (Targeted & Restricted)
Start date October 13, 2021
Lead Partner Region of Central Macedonia
Partners Centre for development of the South-East planning region
Crisis Management Center
Budget 1.392.073,50 €
The overall aim of the project is the efficient detection and management of wildland fires in the cross-border area through the appropriate ICT tools and toolkits aiming at the increase of preparedness as well as knowledge transfer among the two countries.

The project has the following specific objectives:
1. The development of an  ICT-based multicomponent system for forest fire detection and disaster prevention over vulnerable elements-at-risk within the cross-border region.
2. The increase of cross-border communities’ resilience to the danger of forest fires through improved preparedness through fire smart governance systems empowered by local communities
3. The enhancement of cooperation and coordination avoiding redundancies, overlaps and critical gaps for establishing an effective holistic fire management scheme

The Project outputs regarding the ICT-based system for forest fire management (Obj-1) are:
•An ICT early ICT early fire detection and warning system of forest fires
•Detailed, geospatial digital maps regarding the wildfire hazard and risk in the CB area
•A dashboard for providing crucial information for CB population on fire risk safety

The Project outputs in order to cross-border communities’ resilience to the danger of forest fires through an improvement in the knowledge of actual exposure to the risk and the effective response in the event of an emergency (Obj-2) are:
•Cross-border networks of Fire adapted communities
•Wildland urban interface (WUI) toolkit
•Communities wildfire training material
•Guidelines for wildfire risk assessment in the cross-border area
•Efficient firefighting vehicles

The Project outputs to enhance cooperation and coordination in the cross-border region includes (Obj-3):
•Guidelines for wildfire risk assessment in the cross-border area
•Protocols for the common exploitation of the ICT system
•Joint training program of the cross-border authorities
•Common-protocols for cross-border fire management
•Cross-border action plan for risk mitigation
•A common scheme for the identification of values-at-risk and a common methodology for inventorying and mapping
•A common fuel lassification scheme for the cross-border area and guidelines for mapping and assessment
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