Stimulating Green Employment: Across Border Educational and Technological Innovation Hot - Spots

Acronym GE.M.S
Website Not implemented yet
Priority axis Development and Support of Local Economy
Specific Objective Create employment opportunities for educated graduates by exploiting comparative advantages of the cross-border area, preferably with the use of innovative tools and practices
Call 2nd Call for Project Proposals (Targeted & Restricted)
Start date September 6, 2022
Lead Partner University of Western Macedonia - Special Account for Research Funds
Partners Business Academy Smilevski Skopje (BAS)
Centre for Research & Technology Hellas - Chemical Process and Energy Resources Institute
Economic Chamber of North Macedonia - Regional Chamber Bitola (RCB)
Budget 887.882,99 €
The cross border area is plagued by unemployment and a deep, long-term economic crisis and despite producing educated scientists, the absence of job/career opportunities forces them to migrate away from the region. GEMS’s holistic approach of the four basic pillars, i.e., Education-Creativity-Action-Sustainability means that the project will have a major socio-economic impact in the cross border region, as in addition to its environmental advantage, human resources training, the project’s strategic target, will provide a significant contribution to economic development. More than 100 participants in both countries will be trained in cutting-edge technologies, providing them with the necessary ‘green’ high-skills and innovative vision. Thus, by giving graduates the necessary know-how, GEMS will turn them into competitive candidates in the job market, but also opens up their way of thinking to create job opportunities for self-employment.

During their joint training, participants of both regions will have the chance to exchange experiences, knowledge, concerns for the similarities and the differences of the two nations, while the project itself is designed to elicit practical and sustainable proposals that could be adopted by local businesses and policy/decision makers at the local/regional and/or national level. There is a great need, and also a great challenge, to optimize graduates’ skills in a level that they can be ready to influence policy makers in crucial issues concerning sustainability and circular economy advantages. The development of Technological and Innovation Hot-Spots is of prime importance as it will contribute to the creation of new jobs (by providing at least 7 individuals in each region with indirect financial support for their start-up innovative business), and thus, stem the flow of migration.

Main outputs of the project
• Cross Border Region (CBR): Training at least 100 educated graduates on cutting edge green technologies.
• CBR: Training of 200 participants (companies, startups, SMEs) for financial facilitating.
• CBR: Development of five (5) training courses.
• Republic of North Macedonia: Training of 20 unemployed individuals to develop their entrepreneurship and start-up capacities. 5 of them will be selected for the business incubator support
• Republic of North Macedonia: 5 companies supported with the development of applications document package for green loan, 5 companies for Innovation and technology development and 5 companies for green energies investments - programs for IPARD.
• Greece: Creation of business incubator for hosting up to 7 newly created highly innovative firms in Florina.
• CBR: Complete 10 Business Plans for the cross-border region
• CBR: Green employment plan development for companies, startups, SMEs
• Republic of North Macedonia: Internal systems for job positioning in two (2) chamber member companies, Redesign of existing internal systems for job positioning in two (2) chamber member companies
• Republic of North Macedonia: Guidelines for companies (PART-1 Regulation/policy guidelines)
• Republic of North Macedonia: Guidelines for companies (PART-2 Financial possibilities, subsidies and grants from national and EU programs and funds)
• CBR: Creation of two (2) information hotspots, which will include: a green jobs platform (liaison office); field research analyzing the importance and possibilities of green business in the current/future market; database of potential employers mapping the active economic entities; business forum with potential employers for the exchange of experiences and the development of their capacities for the post-lignite period; annual forums in Florina and in Bitola
• CBR: Creation of two (2) green energy hotspots (including installation of PVs, hydrogen reactor, electric bicycles, energy saving measures)
• Greece: Creation of one (1) circular economy hotspot (including installation of composting units, aquaponics system).


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