Promoting alternative tourism in the cross-border area focused on wellness and well-being activities, along with the promotion of quality agricultural products and foodstuff, to create employment opportunities

Website Not implemented yet
Priority axis Development and Support of Local Economy
Specific Objective Improve the attractiveness and promote tourism in the cross-border area to enhance employment in tourism
Call 2nd Call for Project Proposals (Targeted & Restricted)
Start date January 25, 2022
Lead Partner Development Agency of Kilkis S.A.
Partners Hellenic Hoteliers Federation
Municipality of Konce
Association Tourist Union Strumica
Budget 553.602,25 €
NETOURAL builds a cross-border network linking together private and public actors from the two countries that are all committed to develop and implement an innovative model for designing, managing and promoting market-driven thematic products of tourism focused on wellness and wellbeing activities, along with the promotion of quality agricultural products and foodstuffs produced in the cross-border region.

The outputs of the project are;
1. Inventory and Mapping of the cross-region tangible and intangible assets and related tourism services.
2. Development of a Web-GIS platform that will bridge tourism/cultural/natural resources of the participating regions, while at the same time it will improve accessibility to related information and services.
3.Development of a series of ready-to-market experiential tourist packages, including wellness and wellbeing activities, cycling and walking tours, cultural experiential activities, wine and food tasting, all revolving around the local products.
4. Organisation of Travel Blogger Experiences in the two involved countries. Multimedia contents developed by the bloggers and video-makers participating in the trips will be hosted in national stakeholders’ webpages or/and published at EU platforms presenting stories of bloggers travelling across Europe and experiencing the thematic tourism routes.
5. Establishment of tourist info-points and permanent space for tourism promotion
6. Organisation of multidisciplinary training and consulting laboratories "Experiential Labs" focused on innovative design and management of experiential tourism products, including marketing and communication strategies, through a sustainable approach.
7. Production of a shareable and user-friendly Methodological Handbook dealing with product and project management for sustainable tourism.
8. Development of a tourism marketing plan and brand development strategy for the cross-border region.
9. Dissemination and Exploitation of the project results: constitution of a stable, multi-actor network; public events organised or attended by the partners; opening and closing events; project website; identification of opportunities foreseen by regional, national and European calls, to implement and transfer the project results to new contexts/territories.
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