Organisation of Culture, Sport and Environment (O.C.S.E.) of the Municipality of Volvi



Organization of Culture, Sport and Environment (O.C.S.E.) of the Municipality of Volvi is situated in the Region of Central Macedonia in Northern Greece and is responsible for organizing cultural and sports events (such as windsurf, kitesurf, catamaran and sailing races in lake Volvi and in the adjacent coastal area, bicycle races, etc.) and environmental activities.
It was set up in 2011 through the unification of six (6) separate municipalities and their communities: Agios Georgios – Apollonia – Arethousa – Egnatia – Madytos – Rentina. The municipal area is 782 km2 and it has approx. 24.000 inhabitants.
The seat of the municipality is the town of Stavros, where the municipal council is also based. It was named after Lake Volvi, which dominates the center of the municipal territory. One of its main characteristics is its rich natural environment which combines 20km of sea coastline, rivers, lake Volvi and also mountainous and semi mountainous areas with dense vegetation.
The municipality has a variety of religious, environmental and historical monuments, eco-touristic destinations and natural reserves. Lake Volvi which is situated in the center of the municipal area is the second largest lake in Greece and the biggest in the northern Greece. The municipality has a remarkable coastline of 20km long. The whole water system of the municipal area is extremely valuable and the area is protected by several conventions (Natura 2000 – Ramsar). The municipality of Volvi is also known for its thermal springs. The thermal city of “Nea Apollonia” is located in the serene and peaceful ecosystem of lake Volvi where health thermalistic facilities are found.

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