General Hospital of Pella (Hospital Unit of Edessa and Hospital Unit of Giannitsa)



The G.N.Pellas, with both the Hospital Units (Edessa and Giannitsa) covering secondary health care (and one of the primary means of outpatient clinics of) the population of Pella (140,000 inhabitants), and residents neighboring prefectures (Kilkis, Florina, Thessaloniki, Imathia). Also, the two hospitals have been designated, by order of the Minister of Health, as Hospitals Reference and have Scientific Interface with the Primary Health Care Units in the region (N.4238 / 2014). The target group which addressed the health services offered is quite crowded, such as health services also vary. The two units have specialized staff and in accordance with the Agency Operations are operating in a very good level in many sectors (pathodologic, laboratory, surgical ets.).

Projects involved as Lead-partner

1) Quality Health

Projects involved as partner


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