Alexander Innovation Zone S.A.

Address Agiou Dimitriou Dioikitirio 54123 Thessaloniki


Alexander Innovation Zone (AIZ) is the managing body that has undertaken to organize and promote the Thessaloniki Innovation Zone. (Design, organization, implementation, management, operation, exploitation and evaluation of programs, action and projects fostering Thessaloniki’s Innovation Ecosystem).
One of the major scopes of Alexander Innovation Zone is to bring together research activities of the local research infrastructure in order to meet the specific needs of local industry in terms of new product and new business development focusing on developing local competitive advantages. The ThessSmart InnoHub program began formally in June of 2014 and has already completed two acceleration rounds. It aims to support the formation of new businesses, including both StartUp and more conventional Brick & Mortar-style ventures. The teams are provided with guidance in the form of Coaching, Masterclasses, Networking, Mentoring and (soon) Incubation.
The Alexander Innovation Zone is committed to boosting innovative entrepreneurial development at all levels. Recognizing that the local ecosystem is still in a formative stage, the Innohub program makes a significant contribution to progressive economic change by providing a format to link triple helix stakeholders to new entrepreneurs who can benefit from their knowledge and experience. The guidance and information exchange fostered by an Acceleration program can be valuable to all who participate – both teams and experts – and a key factor in economic (re)generation.
At the initiative of the A.I.Z. S.A., a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with the top 15 research and innovative entrepreneurship entities of Thessaloniki. The objective is to increase synergies and the added value of joint actions under the umbrella of the Innovation Zone, thus facilitating the planning of immediate (short-term) and medium-term actions, such as branding the collective dynamic of this particular innovation hub and implementing collaborative actions between partners, while relying on the new financing tools created by the Greek state.

Projects involved as Lead-partner

1) iCBA


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