Municipality of Pella



The Municipality of Pella covers an area of 668 km2 in the northern part of the Prefecture of Central Macedonia and it is the largest municipality of the wider area.  Its population is about 63.000 citizens and about half of them live in its capital city, Giannitsa. The ancient city of Pella is located in the territory of the municipality and its historical findings are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Pella. 
The local economy is based on the agricultural production thanks to a fertile valley and the river Loudias that runs through the Municipality. Additionally, Pella has an important industrial production in agrofood and an important concentration of enterprises in the services sector. It has also a great potential in the development of tourism (historical and ecotourism). 
The institutional structure of the Municipality of Pella is based on the following sectors, including the economic services, urbanity, technical services, environment, general administration, social welfare, planning and development. Its strategic goal is the further support of its important sectors such as agriculture and history, enhancing the touristic development, protecting the environment and improving the local infrastructure.  

Projects involved as Lead-partner

1) Enpol-EE

1) wine-up


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