Alternative Touristic Experience

Priority axis Development and Support of Local Economy
Specific Objective Improve the attractiveness and promote tourism in the cross-border area to enhance employment in tourism
Call 2nd Call for Project Proposals (Targeted & Restricted)
Start date July 19, 2021
Lead Partner Business & Exhibition Research & Development Institute
Partners Ministry of Interior (sector Macedonia and Thrace)
Moblinost Bitola
Budget 356.251,04 €
The main goal of the project is to dynamize the transformation of a territory into an accessible and inclusive tourist destination and support the sustainable development of heritage tourism in the cross-border area. The project aims to:
•     develop a cross-border partnership, with the involvement and participation of the various agents of the tourist value chain that contribute to the creation of an accessible touristic area and provide quality services to tourists with special needs
•     exchange and import know-how and good practices related to the improvement of the accessibility of cultural and natural heritage structures (people-to-people activities)
•     improve the accessibility and visitability of selected cultural and natural heritage assets in the cross-border area (accessibility works)
•     improve the capacity of authorities responsible for the management of cultural and natural heritage assets, and of professionals from the tourist field (such as guides, travel agents, event organizers, transportation services) in better addressing the needs of senior and accessible tourism (capacity building activities)
•     enhance local community capacities in terms of tourist reception, create artisanship and traditional gastronomic corners within the monuments area (enhancing craftsmanship & traditional products)
•     develop a platform at which all disabled and elderly visitors would be able to design their trip to the CB area and be able through this platform (G.I.S.) to accomplish all the arrangements for their vacation trip. (Cultural and natural heritage visits, hotels, restaurants etc)
•     raise awareness of the locals, especially of young people, in relation to the potential of heritage tourism, emphasizing on the importance of endorsing strategies for sustainable development and inclusive design (awareness activities)
•     collect data related to the accessibility and friendliness to disabled and elderly visitors of key cultural and natural assets of the cross-border area (field studies)
•     improve the visibility of cultural and natural heritage assets that are accessible and friendly to all, through electronic and physical media, campaigns, etc. and by producing an informative guide for all visitors with useful information for the elderly and the disabled (branding & promotion);
•     conduct a joint strategic planning study towards branding the cross-border area as an international tourist destination for elderly and disabled, of high quality at low to medium cost (policies & plans);


Project's Communication plan
Project's results booklet
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