Municipal District Heating Company of the Wider Region of Amyntaio (DETEPA)



Municipal District Heating Company (DHCA) was established in 1997, according to the Municipal law (410/95), as a public body, owned 100% by the municipality of Amindeo, in order to administrate the DH system.

The Constitution of DHCA is under the County Decision 4779/29-05-1997 (ΦΕΚ 262Β/12-4-94), last modified by desicion No. 6607/2011 (ΦΕΚ 749Β/06-05-2011), after which DHCA constitutes a Public body, in the form of Municipal Company, intended to Administrate the District Heating System of Amindeo area, to construct all the necessary DH infrastructure, to Operate the DH system and to commission DH Heat to consumers. According to SME definition DHCA is a Small size company.

Amindeo Power Plant, owned by the Public Power Corporation (PPC), is equipped to make productive use of excess heat, supplying the area of Amindeo with co-generated district heat.

Connecting to the power stations steam pipelines, the Municipal District Heating Company of Amindeo operates an extensive network connecting 1250 public and residential buildings.

Originally constructed during 2000-2004, the district heating network is being expanded to cover a larger share of the wider area of Amindeo heating requirements.

The Amindeo district heating project is the third project of its kind in Greece following similar projects in Kozani and Ptolemaida.
The system has been installed in the wider region of Amindeo during 2000-2015, by municipal services, due to co-financing.

DH environmental, economic, and social benefits
- Energy efficiency and saving more than 30% because of heat – power co-production
- Reduction of pollution because of Oil substitution
- Reduction of national CO2 emissions
- Cheaper domestic Heating , more than 30 % - 50% than Oil equal cost
-  Independency from imported fuels (oil, natural gas)      because of local lignite co-production.
- Currency savings and local redistribution of more than 12.000.000 €/year oil equal costs.
- Upgrading of life quality for the citizens
- Reduction of unemployment (constructors, suppliers , designers, project managers etc)             
- Support and opportunities for sustainable regional development.
- Implementation of new technologies on environmental energy systems, energy efficiency, renewables.            
- Increase of public awareness on clean, sustainable, environmental friendly energy.

Projects involved as Lead-partner

1) aGROWchain

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