Public Enterprise KOMUNALEC Bitola


Republic of North Macedonia

PE Komunalec Bitola was established in 1966 by the Council of the Municipality of Bitola and has been providing utility services ever since. It has jurisdiction over the territory of Bitola, as well as the surrounding villages, whichare considered part of the Municipality of Bitola.
 We have a wide range of working activities, whichcan be summed up in these main categories:
• Waste management and management of other non-hazardous waste, i.e. collection, selection, storage, treatment, transportation and disposal of waste;
• Maintenance of public greenery and public hygiene, sowing, cleaning the green areas, planting and trimming flowers and trees in the parks, watering and propagation of seedlings;
• Maintenance of the area between graves, granting rights for personal use of tombs as well as their numeration and providing memorial services for the deceased in the chapel;
• Removal of illegally parked vehicles;
• Capturing, sheltering and euthanasia of stray dogs.
• Manufacturing of wood based fuel pellets.Plans to obtain organic (bio) waste composting equipment and machinery in order to manufacture bio waste based fuel pellets.

Management and employees

Governing bodies of the enterprise:
• Board of executives – 9 members
• Board of supervisors – 5 members
• Director
PE Komunalec Bitola has 270 employees divided into five working units:
• Sector for Legal and general affairs
• Financial Sector
• Sector for Communal hygiene
• Sector for Public greenery
• Sector for Management and maintenance of cemeteries

Projects involved as Lead-partner


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