Municipality of Gevgelija


Republic of North Macedonia

Municipality of Gevgelija  is the unit of the local self-government, in which the citizens realize the right of local self-government directly and through representatives in the authorities of the municipality, in accordance with the Constitution, the Law on local self-government, and other laws.

The municipality independently, within the framework of the law and this statute, regulates and performs works of public interest of local importance, as defined by the Law on Local Self-Government or other law, as well as works that are not excluded from its competence or not in the jurisdiction of the state authorities.

The municipality is responsible for performing the following activities:
1. Urban (urban and rural) planning
2. Protection of the environment and nature
3. Local economic development
4. Utility activities
5. Culture
6. Sport and recreation
7. Social protection and child protection
8. Education
9. Health care
10. Implementation of preparations and undertaking measures for protection and rescue of citizens and property goods from military dismantling, natural disasters and other accidents and consequences caused by them;
11. Fire protection
12. Supervision over the performance of the work functions from the competence of the municipality;
13. Other activities are defined by law.

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