Common plans for biodiversity conservation and sustainable targets for the development of a bilateral network of protected areas

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Priority axis Protection of Environment – Transportation
Specific Objective Sustainable management of protected areas, ecosystems and biodiversity
Call 1st Call for Project Proposals
Start date April 2, 2018
Lead Partner Centre for development of the South-East planning region
Partners Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Special Account for Research Funds- Department of Biology
State Environmental Inspectorate
Region of Western Macedonia
Budget 1.269.000,10 €
“Nature knows no borders”. On the basis of this globally accepted saying, updated strategies on nature conservation focus on the design and implementation of common environmental policies, the expansion of current network of Protected Areas (PAs) and the development of coherent, functional and interconnected, international networks of PAs.
COMBINE2PROTECT will address nature conservation challenges. This ambitious project aims to provide a solid basis for common and effective conservation initiatives through the establishment of a common network of Protected Areas (PAs) between the two countries.
The project beneficiaries will design a common network to increase current & future connectivity and ecological functionality, with emphasis on priority species & habitats. New sites within the two countries will be identified in order to be included in the conservation network. Furthermore, monitoring and protection at key sites will be optimized.
To reach this objective the project scheme will:
- Develop a strategic plan and provide infrastructure to reduce irrigation water needs at Prespa Lakes National Park
- Apply measures to improve conservation status of priority habitats and species at Prespa Lakes National Park by mitigating the impacts of grazing
- Determine ecological properties (species-habitats), borders and hydrology of the critical ecosystem of Monospitovo Wetland in Strumica
- Develop Regional Biodiversity Strategy-Action Plan, maps of key habitats, species & sensitivity of the South-East region
- Develop, test and implement Earth Observation techniques & innovative methods for monitoring conservation status and threats


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