Protection of the water resources by reducing the human environmental footprint

Acronym wa-mbrella
Website Not implemented yet
Priority axis Protection of Environment – Transportation
Specific Objective Sustainable management of protected areas, ecosystems and biodiversity
Call 1st Call for Project Proposals
Start date April 2, 2018
Lead Partner Municipality of Almopia
Partners Municipal Enterprise for Water and Sewage of Almopia
Municipality of Negotino
Public company Komunalec Negotino
Budget 975.010,70 €
The main question of the project is "how can local authorities, and especially local government bodies, contribute to the protection of the biodiversity and the sensitive ecosystems in the framework of their own responsibilities"?
The project answers to the question with the creation of a wide umbrella of actions for protecting water which is the natural element that is directly related to both the human practice (and human life) and to the natural ecosystems. These umbrella actions for the protection of the water resources constitute the project with the acronym "wa-brella". 
The overall objective of the project is the reduction of the environmental footprint of human activities with sustainable use of natural water resources in ecosystems of the cross border area. In Almopia, a great area is included in the Natura2000 network with a forest characterized as a Monument of Nature and a part of the EU Biogenetic Reserve Network. Additionally, endemic species of flora can be found in the numerous mountains, accompanied with protected species of avifauna making crucial the role of the 40 villages of the municipality to the protection of biodiversity. Negotino has also a significant natural environment with the river Vardar pasing through its territory and the area Orlovo Brdo which is a Natural Monument according to national law.  Thus, the halt of the overexploitation and degradation of the natural water resources is needed, focusing on water polution, water stress, overconsumption of water and the vivid involvement of the citizens. 


Project brochure
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