Agribusiness innovation: A pathway to sustainable economic development

Priority axis Development and Support of Local Economy
Specific Objective Create employment opportunities for educated graduates by exploiting comparative advantages of the cross-border area, preferably with the use of innovative tools and practices
Call 2nd Call for Project Proposals (Targeted & Restricted)
Start date October 1, 2021
Lead Partner Centre for Research & Technology Hellas- Institute of Applied Biosciences
Partners National Extension Agency (NEA)
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje - Faculty of Agricultural Sciences & Food
University of Macedonia- Research Account - Department of Balkan, Slavic & Oriental Sciences
Budget 534.903,40 €
The project proposes the intense training of graduates and post-graduates in innovative agricultural practices and developments, in entrepreneurial skills, through boot camps and accelerations programs and their assistance in setting up start-ups. Furthermore, the project proposes the establishment of permanent networks of the quatraple helix, academia, industry, public sector and society, structures that will stay operational after the project's completion, to support existing and future graduates in their innovation and business ideas implementation.

The main output of the project is the development of entrepreneurial mentality and skills of young graduate people. It will be achieved through intense and well studied and executed training of unemployed graduates with a special emphasis to unemployed women and possible people with disabilities. The Project’s expected outputs are directly linked to the required Result and Output Indicators as they are being described in the 2nd Call for Project Proposals, i.e. ten (10) highly educated graduates will be in employment, including self-employment, 6 months upon leaving the project and at least fifty (50) participants will take part in joint local cross - border employment initiatives. These 10 self employed graduates could be self employed in different businesses. Part of them (at least 2) are considered to obtain advisory knowledge by being involved with the advisory service on field, thus become familiar with the advisory as an employment opportunity for young graduates.

To ensure the achievement of both outputs the Partnership is designed to asure that both requirements the Result and Output Indicators, will be successfully implemented. Thus 50 participants graduates will follow intensive vocational training with courses, webinars, workshops boot camps and acceleration programs  and on hand experience and  they will be exposed to “real life” evaluation through an entrepreneurship contest. Furthermore, they will be given the tools and expertise to develop agricultural entrepreneurship culture through a fast acceleration program in a boot camp and targeted mentoring / coaching. The project's purpose is to assist -graduates to understand how to establish and manage their own businesses successfully in a cross-border competitive sector such as agriculture and agribusiness. The Project is expected to successfully contribute to the Output indicators Out of those 50 participants 10 be chosen by the stakeholder for fix-term contract or advance to set up  their own businesses.


Project brochure
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