National Extension Agency (NEA)


Republic of North Macedonia

National Extension Agency was established by the Law for establishing the Agency for Motivating the Development of Agriculture – National Extension Agency (Official Gazette of RM no. 3/98 of 22.01.1998) with support by World Bank project, and in accordance with strategy for development of agriculture in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. According to the current legislation, as well as on the basis of the actual situation, the National Advisory Service - NEA acts as a state body, as a legal entity independent in its work.

NEA through the system for provision of advisory services on agricultural holdings (AH), aims to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and information, as well as their implementation in AH in order to improve the quality and quantity of agricultural production with economic viability, competitiveness of national markets, in the EU and beyond, sustainable development of agriculture in rural areas, and support of the development and implementation of agricultural policy by maintaining a database of AH through field visits of AH.

Advisory services are designed and provided by: practical application of scientific and technical knowledge directed to the needs of the market; strengthening and cooperation of agricultural associations; support in the implementation of government programs and measures for the agricultural sector; establishment and implementation of the information systems in function to improve traceability of agricultural activities and the exchange of information with stakeholders in agro-complex.

Due to the specific activities in NEA, employees perform activities according to specialty (crop farming, livestock production, viticulture and fruit growing, gardening, agricultural economics, rural development, etc.) in particular subjects.
NEA works on the whole territory of the country, in 30 cities, grouped into six regions with Headquarter in Bitola and 34 dispersed offices in rural areas. Each unit is equipped with computer equipment that is connected to the information system.

Functioning of the NEA is a comprehensive system which in itself includes multiple organizational units that are interconnected and work together to deliver the Work Programme and the general objectives of the NEA. Overall social circumstances in our country and legislation, have shaped NEA in national advisory service in the country as a leading institution in the provision of advisory services in the field of agriculture. NEA’s organizational structure is in accordance with the Law on Civil Servants, as well as on the basis of the respective bylaws.

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