Public Communal Enterprise of Gevgelija


Republic of North Macedonia

The public utility for communal services "Komunalec" Gevgelija was formed by the National Committee of the municipality of Gevgelija at a special session held on 17.02.1955, and it started work on September 1, 1956 as a utility for communal services. On 09.06.1998, with the Decision of the Council of Gevgelija No. 07-70 / 5, the company was transformed into a Public Utility Company "Komunalec" Gevgelija, based in Gevgelija. The founder of the public enterprise is the Municipality of Gevgelija.

The company carries out all activities in accordance with the law, or approval by competent authority. The company performs the following main activities: drinking water supply, drainage and purification of waste water, drainage of atmospheric waters, removal, treatment and disposal of communal and industrial waste, maintenance of public cleanliness, maintenance of parks and greenery, maintenance of cemeteries, maintenance and use of markets, etc.

The main mission of JPKD "Komunalec" Gevgelija is to ensure the continuous execution of all activities, 24 hours a day in the municipality of Gevgelija. To have motivated effective and efficient workforce that will serve users, to be aware of our environmental responsibility and best use resources and technology in our aspirations to continually improve services.

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