Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Special Account for Research Funds- Department of Biology



Aristotle University (PP2) is the largest University of Greece, with 12 faculties and 45 Departments, heavily involved in scientific research and innovation.  AUTh team has been selected as a partner in Combine2Protect due to its extensive involvement in implementing EU and national projects with great partnership experience. AUTh has a highly qualified programs’ administration office with a very strong record on project management (over than 3,200 transnational, EU, national projects) and a strong transnational network of collaborations (over than 2,300 universities, organizations, businesses).

In Combine2Protect project, a cross-thematic team is involved that focuses on biodiversity conservation and ecological modeling. The team members, hosted in the Department of Ecology, School of Biology, are active and engaged in research and project development on key environmental topics.  The team has a strong focus on interdisciplinary research involving ecologists and social scientists, towards translating research outputs into policy recommendations. Basic research areas of the team include: a) design and evaluation of protected areas efficiency, b) global change biology, c) landscape ecology, d) systematic conservation planning.

Projects involved as partner


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