University of Macedonia- Department of Business Administration



University of Macedonia is the second and youngest University of Thessaloniki. In its sixth decade of operation, the University is a modern state Higher Education institution, renowned for the ambience of quality, freedom, democracy, meritocracy and individual development it provides to all its members.
The Department of Business Administration of the University of Macedonia is based on the principle that the well-trained professional must achieve a sophisticated and critical grounding in theory. This principle, along with a commitment to vigour in the formal tools and techniques of Business Administration analysis, guides the course of both undergraduate and graduate programs.

The Department of Business Administration participates in many EU co-funded programs, either as a Leader or as a Partner, such as Erasmus-ECTS, Interreg (European Territorial Co-operation), EGNATIA – VAE, Leonardo, Tempus and has two Jean Monnet chairs. In addition, the University has collaborated with many universities abroad and participates in a number of International Organizations such as EUA, IAU, CUM, EUCEN, THENUCE, ASECU, EUPRIO, IAUP, AIMOS Network and BSUN.

Projects involved as partner


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