Municipality of Dojran


Republic of North Macedonia

The Municipality of Dojran is a local self-government unit. The municipality is responsible for providing first order administration in the area. It has the powers given by the constitution and supports the development and well being of its citizens. The municipality, in accordance with the principle of subsidiarity, independently regulates and conducts activities in the public interest of local importance, determined by the Law of Local Self-Government and other laws. The Municipality of Dojran has 16 permanent employees.
Organization: Mayor’s Office; Sectors for urbanism, communal activities, and environmental protection; Sectors for legal, financial, public and municipal affairs, LED and budget; Sector for inspectorate works. The Municipal Council has 9 Councilors.
 Municipality of Dojran has already big experience in implementation of projects under the IPA CBC Programme - with  Bulgaria and Greece. In the previous programming period, in the framework of these CBC Programmes many projects were implemented: “Transforming the lines of division into a point of cohesion”, “Cultural Exchange – Sharing Differences Towards United Cultural Development”, Cooperation for the Establishment of a “Business and Employment Centre” and a “Trade Show and Bazaar” in the Cross-border Area, “Transfer of know-how to Dojran Municipality and adaptation of DEYAK to the new status created by “Kallikratis” for the management of waste water in the area of intervention – Improvement of citizens' quality of life” as well as  the project “For Active Cultural and Extreme Cross – Border Region”.

Projects involved as partner


2) Plan D.oiran


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