Balkan Unlimited Foundation

Address Franklin Ruzvelt 39 PC 1000 Skopje

Republic of North Macedonia

Founded and endowed in 2011 by Aleksandar Tasev, an accomplished IT entrepreneur and innovator, and Bratislav Stankovic PhD JD, a global expert on bio-molecular technology and intellectual property, the Balkan Unlimited Foundation has a regional mission to help the economic and cultural development of the Balkans through fulfilling its innovation and entrepreneurship potential.
Since 2011 the Balkan Unlimited Foundation has engaged in vigorous activity, initiating and/or implementing a number of leading initiatives that have helped cover the most critical gaps in the region’s innovation verticals:
  • Regional networking, investment readiness training, venture investment: Balkan Venture Forum
  • Startup formation, business acceleration and investment readiness training: Superfounders cross-border accelerator
  • Media and information: news
  • Public infrastructure and support: VIBE - Venture Initiative for Balkan Europe
  • Global startup acceleration and networking: ATALANTA, EMMINVEST

Projects involved as partner

1) iCBA

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