University of Information Science and Technology “St. Paul the Apostle”


Republic of North Macedonia

The University of Information Science and Technology (UIST) “St. Paul the Apostle”, is a higher education state institution located in Ohrid. UIST is committed to providing excellence in education and research in the field of information sciences and technology, and according to the ranking list composed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, is currently ranked 4th out of 20 universities and high education institutions in the country.

English is the official language of instruction at UIST and based on the established relations with other universities and ICT companies, as part of the student exchange programs, UIST gives its students an opportunity of taking a few months during their studies for sponsored staying and studying at designated universities and/or ICT companies in USA and Europe. Students also have the opportunity for participating at several competitions for computer programmers, where the best contestants are awarded with valuable prizes and public promotion, thus enhancing their future career prospects. This is through a strong cooperation which is fostered by UIST with the ICT sector.

The Faculty: Communication networks are an exciting area that is developing very rapidly and getting a lot of attention from scientists and the academic community. However, what is more important is the fact that private companies and private/public institutions give an enormous importance to their computer network infrastructure, due to the reason that today nothing can be done without data communication. Consequently, any communication network should have security mechanisms that ensure protection against data theft, data loss, information leak and any kind of intrusion that aims at breaking through and tampering with confidential and copyrighted material.

Projects involved as partner

1) SumBio

2) iCBA

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