Communal Service Enterprise Ohrid (CSE)


Republic of North Macedonia

The current waste management in the Ohrid municipality has been implemented by the Communal Service Enterprise (CSE) “Ohridski Komunalec” established in 1989. The company provides several communal services: collection, transportation and final disposal of municipal solid waste, maintenance of public hygiene, greenery and parks, removal and storage of improperly parked vehicles. CSE comprises 4 working units: (1) communal hygiene, (2) parks and greenery, (3) mechanization and (4) common service.

The public company has 237 regular employees (93 on solid waste management) and plus 30 temporary employees for the summer season.

In general, the public utility company provides communal services on whole municipal territory including about 16,000 households and 5,000 summer houses/apartments. The collection of the municipal solid waste is organized in the City of Ohrid and 21 settlements out of 33.. The population covered with solid waste service is 54,923 (98.5%).

CSE organized primary selection of waste: 57 containers for PET and 50 grid metal boxes for paper are distributed in the city of Ohrid. CSE distributed 550 containers with capacity of 1.1m3.
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