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National Technical University of Athens, Athens, Greece is the leading TU of Greece, with 9 Schools, 550 Staff and 25,000 students. It is one of the leading organizations in Europe concerning competitive projects. The Laboratory of Electronic Sensors (Sensors Lab) of the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, is active on magnetism, magnetic materials and their applications as well as other electronic materials. The group is well experienced in magnetic materials and their applications to sensors and systems, as well as in designing new instrumentation for testing and characterization.

The Laboratory is involved in the manufacturing and treatment of bulk materials, thin films, rapidly quenched materials, powders etc., by using planar flow casting, chemical vapour deposition, film oxidation, physical vapour deposition, electrodeposition, wet milling, annealing & field annealing and stress-current annealing techniques. It also performs properties determination using alternating gradient field magnetometry, magnetostriction measurements, magnetotransport properties, ac susceptibility and all of them with parametric control of frequency, temperature and stress monitoring. The group is also involved in projects related to the design of sensors and sensor systems for various applications. All these activities have resulted in smart specialization for instrumentation and measurement in manufacturing. The group is strongly related with local and European enterprises concerning the transformation of the prototypes developed at the laboratory to pre-industrial products and final products. In the recent years, the Laboratory is active in advanced waste exploitation processes related to electromagnetically enhanced methods and products. The Laboratory is particularly known for developing sensing elements and arrays, developing sensor electronics, supporting certifications on operations, testing monitoring processes, and modeling relative systems that are all absolutely crucial for the SUMBIO project.

Projects involved as partner


2) SumBio

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