Ministry of Health


Republic of North Macedonia

Ministry of Health (MoH) has the central role in the health system, through its responsibilities for formulating health policy, exerting influence and collecting and using intelligence for development, implementation and monitoring of health policies and enforcing health legislation.

The ministry roles are:
- establishing overall strategic direction and priorities for the health system; -developing legislation, regulations, standards, policies, and directives to support those strategic directions;
- monitoring and reporting on the performance of the health system and the health of population; - planning for and establishing funding models and levels of funding for the health care system; and
- ensuring that ministry and system strategic directions and expectations are fulfilled (especially with the state-budget funded programs, where MoH is directly involved in their implementation).
MoH has the coordinative role with other government sectors through the whole-of-government (WoG) and the whole-of-society (WoS) approaches which are emphasised in the committees and councils established where intersectoral action is needed (Health and Environment Committee led by the Prime Minister and co-chaired by the MoH).
The main responsibilities of the Ministry of Health, as per the Law on organization and performance of the state administration bodies are activities related to:
- Health care and health insurance
- Organization and development of  health system
- Monitoring of the health status of population
- Protection of population against communicable diseases, harmful effects of  gases, ionizing radiation, noise, air, water, contaminated soil, poisons, narcotics, hygiene and an epidemic
- Hygiene-epidemiologic condition
- Providing medicines, medical instruments, medical equipment and medical supplies
- Poisons and narcotics
- Pollution of air, water, soil and food products and other activities determined by law

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