Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITH)- Department Obstetrics, Midwifery



The mission of the Midwifery Department is to promote the development and transmission of scientific knowledge and skills necessary for the practice of Midwifery in Greece and abroad, including Reproductive Health Care, Prenatal and Perinatal Care of mother and child, Breast Disease and Gynecologic Oncology, and all aspects of Women’s Health. This should be accomplished through high quality theoretical teaching, laboratory, clinical practice and applied research, according to international criteria. Midwives today, need to have a wide range of therapeutic and communication skills together with the ability to assess a situation and select the most suitable health care response based on up-to-date scientific data and evidence-based research. Midwives are accountable members of multi-disciplinary health care teams and act as advocates for patients’ interests. The aim of the Midwifery Department is to provide students with comprehensive training leading to a professional career, in Greece and internationally.


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