Clinical Hospital Bitola


Republic of North Macedonia

The Clinical Hospital  Bitola is built with technical features and capacity to deliver health services to approximately 300,000 patients from the southwestern region of the country. The Clinical Hospital of Bitola is a system that follows patients through a specialist-consultative activity to total prevention, diagnosis, curing, treatment and rehabilitation. Clinical hospital Bitola is the leader in health care system in south-west region of the country on secondary level.

The  hospital consists twenty four medical departments with 520 beds capacity, including unique departments out of Skopje like Oncology and Nuclear medicine. Number of inpatients is approximately 18000 and 320000 outpatients per year, using medical services from 160 doctors specialists.

Few years ago the Clinical Hospital had received new medical equipment from the Government, worth 5-6 million euros.
- magnetic-resonance imaging;
- 64  slice  computer  tomography;
- laser device for destruction of kidney stones;
- 4D ultrasound equipment for gynecology and cardiology;
- respiratory, incubators, respiratory machines;
CHB is financed by The National health fund (approximately 10 000 000 Euros per year), funds by the private patients and donations.

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