Municipal primary school “Koco Racin”


Republic of North Macedonia

Municipal Primary School “Koco Racin” was founded on September 22, 1948, and up to now, it works successfully on the upbringing and formation of young generations, contributing to their successful inclusion in all aspects of today's social life. The main building of the school is located in Nov Dojran, but also there are six regional units located in the surrounding settlements.
The vision of this school is modern, efficient and quality teaching adapted to the needs and interests of students in a safe and positive school environment. To achieve this goal, the school is daily trying to adapt to the students and their needs in order to create a quality person from each student.
In all classes of the school, teaching is conducted in the national language, with the exception of two regional units, where the teaching is also conducted in Turkish language.
The Municipal Primary School “Koco Racin” has 42 educational staff members, 263 students and 18 classes in total (in Nov Dojran with the surrounding settlements).
The students from the Municipal Primary School “Koco Racin” have participated in many municipal, regional and national competitions in the field of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Geography, Natural Sciences, as well as competitions between school choirs and orchestras on the regional level. In most of the competitions, the students have achieved remarkable results by winning the first, second, or third place as well as a number of appreciative.

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