Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning


Republic of North Macedonia

MoEPP is the environmental authority in the country established since 1998, with responsibilities in all sectors and environmental media including air pollution and monitoring of ambient air quality. It has 200 employees working in 9 departments and 3 administrations that are part of the Ministry. Part of the Ministry is the department Environmental Information Centre (MEIC) which is responsible for monitoring ambient air quality. The Department is established in April 1998 and its work is carried out through four units: Unit for Air Quality monitoring, Unit for analysis and reporting, Unit for cadastres and modeling and Unit for information technology. Unit for ambient air quality manages the State Automatic Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System (SAAAQMS). The main function of MEIC is to provide relevant and properly processed (systematized and standardized), comprehensive, precise, transparent and easily accessible information on the state, quality and trends in all segments of environment (water, air, noise, waste).

MoEPP as public institution is the main authority which creates the environmental policy in the country. The Ministry is regularly adopting EU Directives part of Environmental Acquis and in general transposition of environmental legislation is on high level and in compliance with the European. Ministry receives it budget at the end of each year for the next year according the State budget provided by the Government.

MoEPP has implemented many projects relevant to the air quality, where responsible department was MEIC. More information about projects and MEIC available at the following link:

Apart of the projects implemented, MEIC conducts daily monitoring of data obtained from the SAAAQMS and its validation and verification, regular maintenance and servicing of stations and samplers, replacement of filters, replacement of parts, manual calibration of instruments in stations, etc.

Calibration of analyzers from monitoring stations is also conducted in the MEIC in order to obtain accurate data on air quality and calibration of reference analyzers from the calibration laboratory with the aid of static injection system for calibration.

The MEIC also performs measurement and preparation of samples from the samplers and preparation of samples for chemical analysis of heavy metals in suspended particles and processing and analysis of obtained data. The Unit prepares information on the state of monitoring and quality of air. It further prepares daily, monthly and annual reports on the quality of air in the country based on data obtained from the SAAAQMS.

The Unit delivers notification in case of exceeded limit values and alert thresholds for individual air pollutants.

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