Center for Climate Change


Republic of North Macedonia

Center for Climate Change – Gevgelija is established at 2008, aiming to protect environment and implement activities combating climate change and improving the environment. Center for Climate Change activities are related to raising public awareness and undertaking initiatives for combating climate change, support industry in improving their energy and environmental performance, suggesting measures for improving and amendment the legal framework in the field of energy, climate change and environment, as well as strengthening the capacities of the local and national authorities.

Center for Climate Change team involves scientists that represent the core of the organization. Additionally, Center for Climate Change established during its operation cooperation and interactions with many professionals and consultants in the field of energy and environment who are engaged in our activities.

Center for Climate Change has branches in Gevgelija, Skopje and Ohrid and resources for continuous implementation of project activities.  Center for Climate Change is securing funds mainly through donor organization and EU funded projects.

Projects involved as partner

1) IBiSEAit


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