Movement for Environment MOLIKA Bitola


Republic of North Macedonia

Civil Society Organization Movement for the Environment MOLIKA DOM Bitola has been founded in 1998 by a group of enthusiasts who were doing their best to make our world a better place on a daily basis.

Having in mind that the challenges of pollution, global warming, natural resource depletion and waste disposal affect the daily lives of the people, while the majority might not even notice it, MOLIKA DOM strongly believes that every minute of attention on this issue is of vital importance. Keeping our planet healthy is a pressing matter, not just for us, not just for today, but also for the many generations to come.

Since its foundation the CSO works on raising public awareness on environmental issues and preservation of environment and undertakes action such are:

- Surveillance and protection of the environment;
- Dissemination of recommendations to relevant decision makers and stakeholders about environmental issues;
- Observation of air, water, and soil pollution;
- Improvement of communal hygiene in the region;
- Promotion of ecological awareness among citizens, especially among youth;
- Cooperation with similar organizations on national and international level;
- Humanitarian activities for protection and promotion of peoples health;
- Organization of campaigning events and building capacity activities to relevant target groups.

MOLIKA DOM is known for its direct actions and has been described as one of the most visible environmental organizations in the region. During the past two decades the CSO has raised environmental issues to public knowledge, and influenced both the private and public sector.

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