Public Enterprise for communal works KOMUNALNA HIGIENA Novaci


Republic of North Macedonia

During 2013 in the Municipality of Novaci, the Public Enterprise „Communal Hygiene“ - Novaci started its work.
PE „Communal Hygiene“ - Novaci, is founded for the purpose of performing activities which are of ​​public interest of local importance, and considered as an indispensable condition for life and work of the citizens on the territory of the Municipality of Novaci.

In the Municipality of Novaci, organized collection and transportation of communal waste is done since 2011 with Public Communal Enterprise "PELA HYGIENE", village Dobrusevo, Municipality of Mogila and Municipality of Novaci, which was formed with forums of the communities. With decisions of the Council, Municipality of  Novaci аs a founder was separated from the Public Communal Enterprise and joined in the Public Enterprise „Communal Hygiene“ - Novaci, which was established in 2002 but was on hold.

The main activity of the Public Enterprise „Communal Hygiene“ - Novaci is collecting harmless waste, but it will perform other activities provided for it.

The Municipality of Novaci, as the founder of the Public Enterprise „Communal Hygiene“ - Novaci, actively participates in the overall planned activity for the work of the company and of course, at any moment they can give the company other tasks and work activities.

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