Municipality of Strumica


Republic of North Macedonia

Municipality of Strumica (MoS) is a local self-government unit. The municipality provides first order administration in the area. It has powers given by the constitution and supports the development and wellbeing of its citizens.
The MoS has established successful cooperations with many international institutions and organizations by practicing the principles of trust, mutual understanding and friendship. The positive cooperation with these international entities contributed to the MoS being the first municipality in the country to implement good international practices. Some examples are the implementation of two international standards for quality, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004. The MoS has a B1 credit ranking issued by the international credit agency Moody’s. It is one of the first eight municipalities in South-eastern Europe to receive the favorable business environment Certificate and is a member of the Covenant of Mayors.
The municipality has gained significant experience in the implementation of EU-funded projects, especially in IPA cross-border cooperation Programmes. A specialized Department for International Cooperation and European Funds was established consisting of highly-skilled staff, which is able to provide effective project management and has the capacity to appropriately manage EU-funded projects and are subject matter experts on EU procedures and internationally-recognized good practices. To this point, 11 EU-funded projects were implemented by the municipality and 2 are currently under implementation, with a total value of around 13,000.000 Euro.

Projects involved as partner

1) ToCulter

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