Municipality of Novo Selo


Republic of North Macedonia

The Municipality of Novo Selo belongs to the South-East planning region and occupies the most south-eastern part of the country, it extends to an area of 424,82 km² and it is of rural nature. In the North, the territory extends to the crest of Ograzden Mountain, in the middle part is the wide plain of the river Strumica, and in the southern part, it rises to the crest of the Belasica Mountain.

The Municipality of Novo Selo is a unit of local self-government, as a community of residents in a certain area, governed by law, which through its authorities and through the administration and organized public services. The municipality independently, within the framework of the law, regulates and performs matters of public interest, of local importance, determined by the Law on Local Self-Government, as well as other works but is not limited to: Urban Planning, Environment Protection, Local Economic Development, Communal activities, Culture, Sport and Recreation, Social Protection and Child Care, Education, Health Care, Protection and Rescue of Citizens and Material Goods, Fire Protection, Supervision over the performance of its tasks and other activities determined by law.

The Municipality of Novo Selo consists of the following 16 settlements: Novo Selo, Sushica, Mokrino, Mokrievo, Borisovo, Koleshino, Zubovo, Samoilovo, Smolare, Drazevo, Staro Konjarevo, Novo Konjarevo, Bajkovo, Badilen, Stinik and Barbarevo. According to the official census from 2002 there are 11 567 inhabitants living in the municipality.

Through the national road A4 and the regional road R1402, the Municipality is connected to the remaining municipalities in the region, and to the Bulgaria through the border pass.

The abundance in natural resources in the Municipality of Novo Selo creates favorable characteristics for economic development of the south-eastern part of the country, especially in the development of rural tourism. The main and most dominant economic sectors in the Municipality of Novo Selo are trade, agriculture, wood processing and tourism.

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