Institute for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular diseases St. Stefan Ohrid


Republic of North Macedonia

The Department of Cardiology has 104 beds, 22 of them in ICU, 82 for patient at rehabilitation program.

There are many hospital departments, staffed by a wide variety of healthcare professionals. Each department tends to be overseen by consultants in that specialty with a team of junior medical staff under them who are also interested in that specialty.

1. Electrocardiogram (ECG) and exercise tests to measure heart function (Includes Treadmill Test and test on bicycle)
2. Imaging services:
   a. Doppler Ultrasound Machine for exploring carotid and vertebral arteries, as well as peripheric arterial and venous system of the extremities
 b.Echocardiography with 2 contemporary working Echocardiogram Ultrasound Machine
3. 24 hour Holter for arterial pressure measuring and 24 hour Holter for cardiac excursion
4. Catheterization laboratory: coronarography, carotidography and peripheric angiography
5. Laboratory
6. Three Exam rooms for outpatient clinic
7. Rehabilitation section (8 exercise bicycles; physiotherapy)

Projects involved as partner

1) Heart Safe Cities

2) Cross4all

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