Municipality of Ohrid


Republic of North Macedonia

Ohrid municipality is one of 80 municipalities in the country and belongs to the South West planning region occupying part of Ohrid-Struga valley, Lake Ohrid and part of Galicica National Park. It borders Debarca municipality to the north, Resen municipality to the east, Struga municipality to the west and Albania to the south. Total area of 383.93km2 comprises 204km2 land and 179.93km2 water. Total population is 55,749 inhabitants. The climate is continental with some Mediterranean influence coming through the mountain of Galicica. There are 18 urban communities and 26 rural communities in the city. Ohrid city and the Ohrid Lake became a world cultural and natural heritage under the protection of UNESCO since 1979.

According to the last 2002 Census the total number of inhabitants in the municipality is 55,749 from which male are 27,598 and female 28,151 with natural increase of 0.4%.

Municipality of Ohrid has a capacity with significant experience in the process of application and implementation of projects supported by various Local, Regional and International institutions and donors. In the last years, Municipality of Ohrid has implemented several projects financed from different EU Programmes, such as the South East Europe Transnational Programme; Greece – The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia IPA Cross-Border Programme 2007-2013 and 2014-2020; Balkan med Programme 2014-2020 and COSME Programme.

Projects involved as partner

1) Cross4all

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