Public Health Institution General Hospital-Gevgelija


Republic of North Macedonia

The beginnigs of organized health care of the PHI General Hospital - Gevgelija dates back to the early 50’s of the past century.

The basic goals of the hospital include: provision of health care; education of the population for prevention of diseases; application of modern methods of treatment; education of the existing staff and new staff; improvement and modernization of the equipment for treatment, and improvement of the hospital conditions for treatment of patients. The seat of the PHI General Hospital is in Gevgelija, and it provides health care on the territories of the municipalities of Gevgelija, Bogdanci, Dojran and Valandovo.
The PHI General Hospital - Gevgelija is a public healthcare institution for provision of health care services within the following fields: health care and treatment; specialist-consultative acrivity; physical therapy, and medical rehabilitation.

The PHI General Hospital - Gevgelija performs its activities through the following organizational units: Internal Service; Service for Childhood Diseases; Surgical Service; Service for Protection of Women and Mothers; Department for Anestesia; Resuscitation and Intensive Care; Laboratory Activity with Biochemical Laboratory; Pathohistological Diagnostics; Service for Provision of Medications and Sanitation Materials; Autopsy and Biopsy Room; Neuropsychiatric Activity; Service for Eye Diseases; Service for Diseases of the Ear, Nose and Throat; Orthopedic Activity; Activity for Infectious Diseases with Isolation; Service for Physical Medicine and Medical Rehabilitation; General Legal and Economic Service; Technical Service; Service for Transport of Patients with an ambulance to other institutions and health care institutions of tertiary level.

In order to successfully perform the obligations to its patients, the PHI General Hospital - Gevgelija has good staffing, with 162 full time employees and 10 volunteers.

Projects involved as partner

1) IpA Shield II


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