Geotechnical Chamber of Greece



The Geotechnical Chamber of Greece is a public legal entity with elected administration, supervised by the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food. It was founded in Thessaloniki in 1971 and it is self-governing, with its own financial resources and legal framework within it operates under the law 1474/84.
Geotechnical Chamber of Greece is a professional organization that serves as the official technical advisor of the Greek state and is responsible for awarding professional licences to all agricultural engineers and veterinarians in Greece. GEOTEE is a public service aiming at expanding and promoting scientific knowledge in the fields of agriculture, livestock farming, forestry, fishing and the management of mineral and water resources. GEOTEE’s research activities concern the productivity and competitiveness of Greek agriculture and livestock farming, the quantitative and qualitative improvement of production and the development of efficient and sustainable supply chains of agricultural products. GEOTEE has experience in organizing, at regional or national level, conventions, workshops and conferences of scientific, professional or economic interest.

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